Pictogram Explanation

Super Ball Wrench

The special tip shape allows for final tightening.

Final tightening possible

You can also tighten the ball point using the wide handle.

Hot bending

The material is heated and bent to maintain its strength.

Ball Point

The tip is ball-shaped for easy insertion.


The tip is cut so that it can be inserted all the way into the screw hole and turned.


The tip is 12-sided, so it can be rotated within a 30° range.


The tip is a star-shaped hexagon.


The tip is hexagonal.

Compatible with 18 volt impact drivers

It is compatible with 18V.

Impact driver compatible

Compatible with impact drivers.

Special chrome plating

It is plated for excellent rust resistance.

Hard Chrome Plating

It has a plating finish with excellent hardness.

Cathodic Painting

Electroplating is applied.

It is treated with an oxide coating that provides rust prevention.